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Hi, lovely string teacher!

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SuperStrings Studio

In a few words, the mission of SuperStrings Studio is to jetfuel string teachers to do what they do with superhero confidence, mobula-like moves, cognitive camaraderie, and fabulous freaking flow. Moreover, we want string teachers to be their badass best selves. Already a string teacher? You, dear human, have a superpower!

SuperStrings Studio has the backs of bowed string music teachers all over the world, with string specialists from far flung places, from Asia, to Europe, Australia, Africa and the Americas. 

As teachers, we know the intrinsic value of what we provide in our work but in reality, sometimes it can be ridiculously challenging, and there may even be times when we consider giving it up to do something else for a living.

On the other hand, there are so many incredible people teaching strings, giving selflessly, working diligently, making it better for others. Heck, string teachers are like superheroes making the whole world a better place to be! 

We have good reason to be proud of our work and our accomplishments and we are creating an enduring future for the next generation. Together we can go beyond our limitations, learn how to maximize our time, celebrate our milestones, and achieve so much more!

Absorb doses of supercharged string-teacher tips and thunderbolt-ideas with quarterly Museletters or here on our blog. Treat yourself to an inspirational string-teacher phone wallpaper right now! If you’re not already on our list, do your string-teaching ol’ self a favor and let some string-music educator sunshine in! We hate spam but we love giving string teachers uplifting ideas and words to inspire, interviews and stories, even high-ticket super-freebies from time to time! 

Come on into the Royal String Teacher Association free beta group, where you’ll find a den of diligent, serious but fun-loving string teachers, all on a mission to make the world better through string music education.