And now for the drum roll….

Students will have the opportunity in March to perform a few pieces for the SuperStrings Studio community in our first full recital! Each student is expected to participate in this supportive event. There will be plenty of time to prepare and find out the details beforehand. 

This just happens to coincide with the latest practice challenge – 30 days – to be completed by March 10 17, 2018. Thirty minutes per day for 30 days is 900 minutes, or 15 hours. Keep in mind that these 30 minutes need to include physical warm-up time (2-3+ minutes) of arm circles, stretches, slow head rolls, feet figure-8s and bow-hold practice, slow open strings practice, scales practice, arpeggios (scales, arpeggios and open strings 5+ minutes), assigned exercises for that week (5 minutes), review of previously learned material practice (5 minutes), memorization practice (5 minutes), slow and detailed work on any trouble spots, backwards practice (5 minutes), and finally playing something through (2-3 minutes at the very end). Play along with your recorded tracks to improve your listening and sense of the beat! Just a hint: MANY students need to improve their bow-hand flexibility, with a curved right pinky and lifting the wrist slightly on up-bows past the middle as the frog is approaching the string.


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