Last night we attended the only opera Beethoven ever composed, “Fidelio,” at the Stuttgart Opera. You might say it was a stumbling block for Beethoven, because he re-wrote its “Leonore Overture” three times, and when you go to this, you might not know in advance which one will be used.

It is a wonderful experience to be in the theater and have the live musical accompaniment. But if I’m honest, it was pretty hard to understand. I know the story, which basically rescued me, but there was a lot of spoken dialogue which had no super titles.

If you’d enjoy some musical homework, look up the Leonore Overtures and listen to see which one you love the most, or how you might rank them. And leave a comment here on your ranking.

When we came home we threw some pizza in the oven and started listening again to all of them. And then, we started listening to the Schubert Quintet in C Major, which we’ll probably put into our own performance repertoire in the next year or two. If you need a musical recommendation for what to listen to this weekend, this is the one. Janine Jansen is a huge favorite of mine. Definitely give it a listen if you love music and put it on a big screen.