Why seek string teacher coaching?

String teachers, indeed, all kinds of teachers, can benefit from being coached in their teaching. The main purpose of string music teacher coaching is to help us realize and act on our own solutions ourselves, with guidance and perspective from our position in life right now, drawing on our inner resolve and highest good.

Plenty of us have taught students for many years, often with little or no assistance getting a studio started or maintaining one. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And why is it that many of us don’t take additional lessons or get coaching in this very detailed and demanding profession? Different to string teacher training, coaching offers a more personalized array of assistance, including these potential benefits: 

1. String teaching skill enhancements

Coaching can help us identify areas for improvement in our teaching and provide us with the guidance we need to support our skills. This can lead to better student experiences, more positive outcomes, and higher levels of engagement. Typical areas which we often find we need help with are: teaching students how to practice, instructing teenagers or the very young, teaching adults, and teaching vibrato. These are just to name a few areas many of us struggle with that we can overcome. 

2. Self-awareness

Coaching can also help us become more self-aware, both in terms of strengths and areas needing attention. This leads to the ability to make better and more decisive choices, to communicate more effectively, and boost relationships with students, colleagues, and parents. Most importantly, string teachers can become more confident in themselves based on a better understanding of their true natures, and gain a stronger belief in their ideals and in the direction they want to go.

3. Work-life balance

Coaching can also help us manage time, name our priorities, set personal and professional boundaries, and maintain a healthier work-life balance. This can help us find some quiet time each day, prevent burnout and improve our overall well-being. Another potential area of coaching within work-life balance is our financial health. A coach can assist us to become more financially competent, make more confident decisions around money, and help us consider our futures and retirement in a supportive atmosphere.

4. Business development

String teachers can learn more about the business side of their work, how to manage a studio, budgeting, and marketing, planning and organization, ethical considerations, and how string teaching is a service to others. Skills, tools, and shortcuts to vastly improve the business of string teaching may be introduced by the expertise of a professional coach.

5. Professional development decisions

Coaching can help connect us with ideas and opportunities for professional development, which all teachers need. This supports us to keep pace with teaching methods, pedagogy, apps, and current best practices to help our teaching work to thrive. 

In the end, the pluses for receiving coaching in our teaching practices and life decisions are numerous, while the opportunity costs of not doing so can have negative ramifications, including financial ones. It makes sense for string teachers to seek out coaching opportunities to improve our skills and outlook, grow personally and professionally, become more confident, learn to make sound financial plans and investments, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Being coached makes it possible to take our string teaching from being acceptably good to generating an outstanding impact in our communities. 

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