Superstrings Studio is home for string teachers around the world who believe we are changing lives for the better, who are improving ourselves and our teaching, and who want the very best for our students and our collective future.

String Teacher Census

Take the string teacher census! We are learning what is most important to teachers of stringed instruments around the world, how long we have taught, basic data which shows who we are and what are needs are. Make your voice and your experience count! 

Royal String Teacher Association© 

The Royal String Teacher Association© of SuperStrings Studio brings string teachers together in a private membership designed specifically to build our profession. Instead of being inundated with an infinite flow of information, string teachers will receive monthly training and bundles of up-to-date topics (one theme per month) to specifically help us in our teaching practices right now. Members will have the precious resource of each other (and experts) in a supportive and non-judgemental community, and can refer back to topics at any time. Royal String Teachers will be able to draw on our own library of trainings, royalty-free graphics, and get personal feedback on any aspect of our teaching. Read more on what the Royal String Teacher Association© will do to supercharge your string-teaching life.

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or learn more about it here: https://www.superstringsstudio.com/royal-string-teacher-association-worldwide/

VALUE ALERT >>Every teacher who joins as a Founding Member enjoys the same low monthly membership fee for as long as they remain a member, even when the association grows, when the value increases and the price is raised for all future members! Be first to get notified when the doors open for the first time. 

a Museletter

SuperStrings Studio publishes a Museletter©, a fun digital quarterly magazine available to all. You’ll find fascinating interviews with real string teachers, learn about our hopes, dreams and hard work for our successful collective future, & you’ll also get tips and gems of wisdom to make your playing, learning and teaching more alive. Occasionally there are also candid interviews with string students which we can all learn from. Did we mention it’s FREE?! It is a public service to string teachers.

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tune 21 is a closed group for inspiration, support and friendship specially made for women in string music education, composition, conducting and performance. Come on in and feel the love!

Why learn to play the violin? Or another stringed instrument? Why should we teach this?

Learning an instrument is a massively great use of time which requires daily attention. But what you reap in rewards are values which truly enrich our lives, things like discipline, delayed gratification, patience, kindness, self-awareness, coordination, fun, respect, accomplishment, culture, aesthetics, musical expression and self-confidence to name a few!

One of the most important benefits of becoming a competent musician is the ability to learn to listen carefully, a skill which we urgently need more of today.

Wait a sec. That was really important.

One of the most important benefits of learning to play an instrument well is learning the ability to LISTEN well, a skill which is important to becoming HUMAN.

 >>Read more here WHY LEARN MUSIC.

SuperStrings Studio was created in 2017 by Bonny Buckley. After several years playing professionally and teaching strings in the USA, China and Germany, and building up a private music school in Böblingen, Germany, it dawned on her, that like both her parents she was an entrepreneur. She wanted to help string music and string teachers have greater impact in the world.

From that moment she decided to focus on being an advocate for string music teachers, supporting them as much as possible whilst teaching private students. Bonny is a cultural ambassador for all things strings and chamber music, plays professionally and teaches people to play stringed instruments and English. She is bridging people in Europe, USA, China and Australia so far in the common pursuit of string music education, performance and support.

SuperStrings Studio is a member of ESTA, the European String Association, in Germany and the UK.

SuperStrings Studio is a past member of the String Industry Council of the American String Teachers Association.

Bonny holds a Bachelor of Music with Honors in Violin Performance from Emerson College, Diploma in Violin from the Longy School of Music and Professional Teacher License from the State of Washington in the US. She has grown string programs in the USA, China and Germany, now working from Suzhou, China. She received the International Culture Award from the City of Boston, Massachusetts, while studying for her undergraduate degree and Teacher of the Year in 2012 at the Shanghai Livingston American School. She has also earned the SLAS award for “Distinguished Service Going Above and Beyond The Call of Duty”.

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 Photo of SuperStrings Studio students in Stuttgart at their student recital by Bernd F Blankenbach

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