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What area of your teaching is ripe for a helping hand? Where do you need game-changing results?

                • String music teaching
                • Growing a studio
                • Parent relations
                • Students
                • Methods
                • Managing the business of teaching
                • Stress management  
                • Fulfilled life and teaching
                • The philosophical and spiritual side of teaching
                • String teaching project management

How about a string-teacher-specific coach to lift your spirit, fine-tune your teaching and help you get the results you want? 

Working on a major project, or getting one off the ground? Having difficulties running a studio, with classroom management or how to deal with a school principal or evaluator? Is your teaching load burdensome and not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be? Need an ear on managing “all the things” while employed in the demanding work of string teaching?

Let’s face it. Teaching strings can be heavy and we sometimes find ourselves overworking or ruminating over a problem. I’m here to interrupt the cycle and assist you to find solutions to put things back in balance. Or maybe you’re into a massive project and could use a sounding board to bounce your big ideas around with. I can help.

What will I get from a coaching package? Glad you asked! 

          • strategy to make your goal happen
          • an experienced, impartial string teacher to focus fully on you
          • feedback and next steps
          • no judgement, just unconditional observations 
          • your content & ideas held in the strictest confidence
          • innovative ways of thinking to help you gain visible results
          • brainstorm creative, actionable steps with you 
          • on-going positive energy and encouragement specific to you
          • an international and unconventional approach
          • learn an abundance mindset

Why hire out to talk through your string teaching needs, problems, dreams or desires? 

In a few words, it is easily the best shortcut to propel you to the next level of your string teaching and ideal life. 

Of course, you can keep on keeping on, and that is also ok! But if you want to turbo-charge your life in strings and make magic happen faster, let’s get on a call. 

In addition, I’ve successfully coached string teachers at the beginning of as well as late in their careers, locally and internationally, and taught strings myself in a wide range of teaching situations:

      • building up thriving private studios 
      • international school music & fine arts director in Shanghai for six years
      • creation of after-school violin club “The Fiddle Kingdom”
      • organizing chamber music concerts, informal play-ins and concert series
      • six years teaching orchestra in three schools in a district in poverty in the US (which won performance awards at the regional and state levels)
      • private violin, viola and guitar lessons
      • violin instructor at Nanjing Normal University for music majors
      • string teacher workshops to help with getting set up and confident to teach online during the pandemic 

Credentials I have earned include awards such as Distinguished Service and Teacher of the Year Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty at Shanghai Livingston American School as Director of their music and fine arts program, International Cultural Award from the mayor of Boston, Professional Teacher Certification in WA State for K-12 Instrumental Music, B-Mus cum laude from Emerson College and Diploma in Violin from Longy School of Music. I also perform professionally playing violin and viola in China, Germany and the US. In summary, I bring ideas to life and create connections between string teachers, learners and those engaged in the power of music as a peaceful pathway toward our global future.

Now I happily invest my energy into string teachers to help colleagues make their own success & get results.

 I deeply support our future as string teachers, our work and plans for our profession. It’s far easier to make progress toward our goals with an impartial, observant and experienced string teacher to light a fire under you. That’s where I come in. Book now. Make your dream string-teacher life happen. 

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