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String teachers do amazing work in this world, partly due to the intensive education and training we have done, and partly because of our ability to use our intuition to connect with students’ particular individual needs. What is priceless, in addition to teaching people how to become musical and play an instrument, is that students learn myriad life skills beyond musical technique. Then, these often become part of their life-long character, which in turn influences the fabric of society.

Aspects like perseverance, listening, the ability to get along with others with different abilities, backgrounds and opinions (aka inclusivity), creative problem-solving and time management.

RSTA is a string teacher membership to co-create a larger impact overall leveraging our ability to connect online from wherever we are across the globe. However, RSTA is committed to real-life teachers and friendships making our world come to life in real time.

We are teachers of stringed instruments, orchestra directors, choral and band teachers who also teach strings, newbies and career teachers,  retired teachers, chamber music facilitators, private teachers, college professors and professional players who also teach.  Every string teacher should have a team that has her back – so right here is that solid core of care, expertise, fun and inspiration in the Royal String Teacher Association.

This is a safe and private place to be who you are, shine your light freely, learn, grow, and do so in a non-judgemental atmosphere. We think string teachers occupy a very special place in the fabric of society and we want to incubate that. We appreciate you! 

Why should I join the Royal String Teacher Association?

Glad you asked! This is the only worldwide string teacher association not bound to a specific country, supporting string teachers all around the world regardless of origin.  RSTA is not commercially obligated to sponsors, universities or particular methods; rather, the association is composed of teacher-artists, school orchestra teachers, teacher trainers, university professors, studio teachers, professional performers who teach, and it is entirely self-sustained by member subscription and participation.

RSTA offers unique content:

  • Private RSTA  Member Community – a fun, closed group where you can ask for feedback on your teaching, your studio or music school business, or get support for a goal, project or idea you are working on
  • Stringed instrument and teaching graphics for your royalty-free, non-commercial use
  • Live video conferences and meet-ups 
  • Invitations to special events
  • All back-issues of a Museletter in one place
  • Inspiring materials to help your teaching – monthly RSTA SuperTopics which are short courses on an area that can help us in our teaching or in our teaching businesses (STAY TUNED FOR THIS)

The minimum requirement to become a Royal String Teacher is to fall into one of the following categories and complete registration during a membership enrollment period:

  • Hold a qualifying degree or certificate for teaching a stringed instrument (Suzuki training is acceptable)

  • Be in a program that will qualify you to teach

  • Be a retired string teacher

  • Be a stringed-instrument performing professional who makes a substantial contribution to string music education, such as also performing outreach, composing or teaching.

How to become a Royal String Teacher Association member? Just let us know where to send some lovely string teacher goodies using the button below. Then you will receive an invitation to become a member as soon as it becomes available. 

Go ahead and give yourself something lovely!

Your email is safe. It will only be used to occasionally let you know about the Royal String Teacher Association, send helpful freebies specially made for string teachers and to answer any questions you may have.  🙂

About RSTA Community


The Royal String Teacher Association upholds unique values in the world of string music education, including




















Let us welcome you into the RSTA Facebook group for string teacher wisdom and guidance where you will be heartily welcomed. Get invited to become a founding RSTA member below as soon as it goes live. (No spam guarantee – you will only receive occasional relevant string teacher materials and you may unsubscribe at any time, no questions asked.)

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