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String teacher? Violin, viola, cello, or double bass learner?


On these pages you’ll find ideas, a place to be yourself and encouragement for string teachers and players. My name is Bonny Buckley and I would like to welcome you to our unique, friendly, professional, fun, and engaging music teaching and learning community.

As a string teacher who has taught and performed in North America, Asia and Europe, in 2017 I decided to build SuperStrings Studio, a place where we can connect, give and receive assistance and build a learning and teaching community centered on bowed string instruments. This is especially aimed at teachers and families who have to move, even overseas, so you can have continuity and a collective that you can keep, wherever you land! Anyone who has struggled with learning to play an instrument might be able to relate to the loneliness involved in daily practice, between classes and lessons with your real teacher, or some of the obstacles we face when we are trying to get ready for an audition. Even teachers know that at times we might feel isolated, even working in a big city, or in more rural areas (like where I come from).

Convergence of Double Basses in Oberfranken, Deutschland, 2017

SuperStrings Studio entails four main projects:

a Museletter

a Museletter is the fun, digital quarterly magazine featuring interviews with string teachers, ideas and encouragement for people in string music education. Great content for teens, teachers and families of students learning to play a stringed instrument. This is a labor of love, in cooperation with teachers all over the world, made by us for us, at no charge to readers or interviewees. What are you waiting for? Get the latest issue today!

Royal String Teacher Association

The Royal String Teacher Association helps string teachers around the world to have more fun, learn ways to make more money and stay on top of trends in the business of teaching. Get free inspiration and resources now by signing up to receive updates before membership enrollment opens formally.


I write about teaching and life wherever I live (China, Germany, USA…). Gain a new perspective on the ordinary which is never just ordinary at all as a string teacher. Not that often, because, well mostly I am teaching. 

Lessons for teachers and for students

Lessons for violin, viola, cello, bass and how to teach these, or for teacher to teacher consultations–please use the contact form to check for openings.

Have a look around and find some fun and free inspiration. If you are looking for a private teacher, please send me a message using the Contact Form and be sure to include your correct email address for a reply. 

I would love to have the chance to hear your story and get to know you. In addition to the three main projects listed above, you can get more free inspiration from the Blog, Encouragement, and Parent Partner Pages here on this site.

Bonny XX

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