String Teacher Meet-up

Put it on your calendar & come to the next String Teacher Meet-up Online! Why? You’re there for your students, and now string-teaching superpower colleagues and I are here for you. Celebrate the joy in our work, gain insight & friendship and talk with experienced teachers. A casual, inspiring opportunity to be yourself and connect.

1. Choose the best time
2. Save the zoom link to your calendar for that time
3. Set an alarm or reminder
4. Join the meeting via internet at the appointed time using the meeting ID 778 712 7981 and Passcode 971819

Time: Mar 24, 2022 9 am  (Beijing, Shanghai GMT+8)

Time: Mar 27, 2022 8:30 pm  (Beijing, Shanghai GMT+8)

Join the Zoom String Teacher Meeting hosted by Bonny Buckley

Meeting ID: 778 712 7981
Passcode: 971819

••Kindly note the date and time timezone for the meetings are in GMT+8. Here is a time-converter for you if you are in North America, Europe or elsewhere. https://time.is/compare

Questions? Get in touch! Send me a message to the following address. Want an email reminder? I’m happy to send you one. Drop me a note using

bb at superstringsstudio dot com




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