Upscale String Teacher

Why not give yourself a present?

a string teacher coaching package to

    • Learn ways to manage your teaching business positively
    • Gain ways to fulfill your life and teaching
    • Find more students
    • Learn to be confidently decisive
    • Grow your string teaching business faster
    • Have more time for yourself and your family
    • Profit from your creativity
    • Stay focused on a big project

Do you invest in yourself? If not now, when? If not you, who? Let’s get you to the next level.

Let’s face it. Teaching strings can be heavy and we may find ourselves overworking, ruminating over problems. I’m here to interrupt the cycle and assist you to put things back in balance. Or maybe you’re into a massive project and could use a sounding board to bounce your big ideas around. 

What will I get? 

          • strategy to make your goal happen
          • a string expert focused on you
          • no BS feedback and next-step ideas
          • no judgement, just unconditional observations 
          • your content held in strictest confidence
          • brainstorm creative, actionable steps with you 
          • positive energy and encouragement specific to you
          • intercultural approach
          • learn an abundance mindset

You’re HERE, so let’s TALK!

Take a shortcut to reach the next level of your string teaching and ideal life. 

Of course, you can keep on keeping on, and that is also ok! But if you want to turbo-charge your life in strings and make magic happen faster, let’s get on a call. 

I invest my energy into string teachers to help you make your own success.

I deeply support our future as string teachers, our work and plans for our profession. It’s far easier to make progress toward our goals with an impartial, observant and experienced string teacher to light a fire under you. Your dream is a part of you and you deserve to be supported in your professional and personal life. Make your best string-teacher life happen. 

Why? Why put yourself first and get some expert assistance? It’s like having a place to go across town. You can get there by walking, or you can take the car and get there with that tool faster. I’m that car. I can take you there faster than your doing it alone. 

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Find out on a free call whether this first-class experience is right for you.


Six one to one calls over three months with Bonny at the insanely low price of $297 including tax. Extremely limited spaces at this price so nab yours NOW!)

You will receive six personal coaching consultations in addition to a free first call, access to the Royal String Teacher Association private Facebook community, progress-tracking, and support from someone who knows our work as string teachers.